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Why Classé Couture?

Our mission is to provide you a good slumber and a consistent bedtime routine. All Classé Couture Sleepwear are made with lightweight and breathable fabrics. We believe that while at home or when sleeping, one should be as comfortable as possible. We want our sleepwear to be cool enough so that our bodies can drop off to sleep, but warm enough that we are still comfortable as well. Different people have different skin sensitivities and sleep behaviour. While some people find cotton comfortable, others may find the fabric irritating to their skins, therefore, we provided several collections of sleepwear with different kind of fabrics for our customers to choose from.


Introducing Mulberry Silk Face Mask with Filter Pocket

“Silk fibres are smooth by nature, and therefore less abrasive on the skin – they reduce friction-induced trauma. When skin is less irritated, it’s better able to carry out its barrier function, protecting the body from bacteria and external aggressors,” Dr Kemi Fabusiwa, medical doctor and founder of the Joyful Skin Clinic

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"Berbaloi dgn harga, material kain lembut, licin yg penting rasa selesa dan sejuk material kain...x rugi kalau berbelanja lebih sikit utk PJ Classe Apparel ni"

-mieda81 from instagram

" The best PJ's in the world! My sister and i live in these PJ's everyday <3 So comfotable and quality is amazing"

-imanabdullah from instargam

"Hi, been wearing ur items and evry one kept asking about it!!!!! Love it! Is there any chance you have plain one? Need about 8 - 10 sets for Bridal Shower.."

-zuleeka.z from instagram

"Hey there, parcel received. Thank you for your patience and assistance, and for packing it so nicely too. This is perfect for a wedding gift. Have a great day ahead!x"

-aasiya from instagram

"The material and cut is lovely! We love the pj's. If there is one thing that i'd comment is that the V neck is too low"

-lilyarshad from instargam

"barang dh sampai.. cpt sgt sampai, cantiiiiiikkkk <3 <3 <3

-aysha1396 from instagram

"I really love your pijamas"


"Kain lembut gila plzzzzz, tak sabar nk pakai"

-zatizainl from instagram

"Hi, forgot to update you regarding the parcel, fast delivery and respond thank youu. Plus love the packaging and of course the pyjamas <3 <3 Would definitely buy again from you next time"

-hidayahfauzi from instagram


Snap pictures of you wearing/using our PJ's, face mask, eye mask etc., anything you get from our website, including gift with purchase items and send them to us via rebate@classecouture.co and tag us with #classecouture.
[RM10 rebate for each photo we receive and tagged, with T&C*]

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