Customer Review

"Berbaloi dgn harga, material kain lembut, licin yg penting rasa selesa dan sejuk material kain...x rugi kalau berbelanja lebih sikit utk PJ Classe Apparel ni"

-mieda81 from instagram

" The best PJ's in the world! My sister and i live in these PJ's everyday <3 So comfotable and quality is amazing"

-imanabdullah from instargam

"Hi, been wearing ur items and evry one kept asking about it!!!!! Love it! Is there any chance you have plain one? Need about 8 - 10 sets for Bridal Shower.."

-zuleeka.z from instagram

"Hey there, parcel received. Thank you for your patience and assistance, and for packing it so nicely too. This is perfect for a wedding gift. Have a great day ahead!x"

-aasiya from instagram

"The material and cut is lovely! We love the pj's. If there is one thing that i'd comment is that the V neck is too low"

-lilyarshad from instargam

"barang dh sampai.. cpt sgt sampai, cantiiiiiikkkk <3 <3 <3

-aysha1396 from instagram

"I really love your pijamas"


"Kain lembut gila plzzzzz, tak sabar nk pakai"

-zatizainl from instagram

"Hi, forgot to update you regarding the parcel, fast delivery and respond thank youu. Plus love the packaging and of course the pyjamas <3 <3 Would definitely buy again from you next time"

-hidayahfauzi from instagram