According to Hannah Coates, digital beauty editor from British Vogue, “Whether it’s “maskne” or dry, irritated skin, few of us escape scot-free where our complexion and the now essential face mask are concerned. Masks create constant friction against the surface of the skin (that eventually breaks its barrier), bacteria becomes rife in the moist environment, inflammation increases and, subsequently, spots develop. Tackling the problems can feel like a never-ending (losing) battle, but the good news is that alleviating these downsides might be as simple as changing the type of mask you wear.”

Dr Kemi Fabusiwa, medical doctor and founder of the Joyful Skin Clinic says that while we are required to wear masks, swapping to a material that “better protects the integrity of the skin” will improve its health and appearance. According to him, “Silk fibres are smooth by nature, and therefore less abrasive on the skin – they reduce friction-induced trauma. When skin is less irritated, it’s better able to carry out its barrier function, protecting the body from bacteria and external aggressors. Thanks to a protein that repels dust mites, mould and other common allergens, silk is naturally hypoallergenic. That means it’s an especially good material to seek out if you have sensitive skin. Unlike cotton, which pulls moisture from the skin into the fabric, silk’s tightly woven threads are much less likely to do so. The reduction in moisture reduces bacteria’s ability to grow and populate in the mask.”

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Classé Couture's 3D Mulberry Silk Face Mask is made from 100% double-sided 19 momme mulberry silk, have an adjustable nose clip and elasticated ear loops for a comfortable and close fit. Haven't to mention, it has another layer built for the filter pocket. We would like to ensure its protective mask offering is as effective at fending off Covid-19 as it is keeping your skin in good nick. It is all about a balance between breathability and efficacy, to maximise comfort without compromising on safety.

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