Lift- up Nipple Cover | Lingerie

100% Silicone
  • 6.5cm diameter
  • The next best thing to wearing no bra at all
  • Two skin-friendly silicone cups
  • Easy and painless removal
  • Lifts the nipple
  • Adhesive design
  • Rinse with water for multiple use


Use Method:

Before use, wash your hands and chest with water, keep it clean, do not apply lotion and concealer. Remove the protective film of the nipple cover, adhesive face up, put in the hands. Upper body forward, paste the nipples covers on the nipple, smooth the edge. Wear clothes, show your chest perfectly and curves.

Wash Method:

Use neutral soapy water, with your fingers to circle the way to clean, to avoid finger scratches silicone nipple concealers. Wash with cleaning water again. After cleaning, hang dry, avoid direct sunlight. After drying with a thin film to cover, avoid dust which will affect the stickiness.

*Gentle Reminders*

In the interest of hygiene, we do not provide any returns/exchanges for this item. 

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