About Us

Established in 2018, Classé Couture is a quality sleepwear & lingerie brand based in Malaysia. Our mission is to provide you a good slumber and a consistent bedtime routine. All Classé Couture Sleepwear are made with lightweight and breathable fabrics. We believe that while at home or when sleeping, one should be as comfortable as possible. We want our sleepwear to be cool enough so that our bodies can drop off to sleep, but warm enough that we are still comfortable as well.

Different people have different skin sensitivities and sleep behaviour. While some people find cotton comfortable, others may find the fabric irritating to their skins, therefore, we provided several collections of sleepwear with different kind of fabrics for our customers to choose from. Currently, Classé Couture have satin silk collection, wood pulp viscose collection, pure cotton collection and mulberry silk luxury collection. All these collections are carefully made, bringing high quality soft fabric materials of sleepwear & pyjamas to everyone.

Comfortable yet also stylish in designs; convenience and effortless dressing experiences are extra values we strive to provide to our customers.